Prominent Centers of Thought, Impact, and Action

At Colby, important voices
speak to the issues that are shaping the future.

When conversations that shape the future happen, you’ll have a front-row seat.

Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The first of its kind at any liberal arts college, the Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI) will provide new pathways for talented students and faculty to research, create, and apply AI and machine learning across disciplines.

Lunder Institute for American Art

The Lunder Institute creates a unique space for scholarship, creative works, dialogue, and mentorship. Anchored by the remarkable Lunder Collection, it facilitates global institutional exchange and trains future leaders in the field of American art.

Halloran Lab for Entrepreneurship

The Halloran Lab for Entrepreneurship will offer a comprehensive suite of training and practical opportunities aimed at preparing Colby students to be effective innovators and entrepreneurs—whether they are creating dynamic new business ventures or improving existing organizations or programs.

Creative thinkers. Digital pioneers.
Ready for the coming world.

Our students are fluent in the language of the future.

Programs such as Colby’s data science minor add expertise with computer skills, increasingly important as the global marketplace becomes ever more automated.
Our innovative “CS + X” program allows you to combine disciplinary study with computer knowledge specific to your chosen field.
Computational biology enables deep knowledge of the exploding field of bioinformatics.
The Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence will prepare you for a future where AI is transforming industries, careers, and modes of discovery, creativity, and scholarship.

The Buck Lab for Climate and Environment

The Buck Lab supports broad initiatives at Colby focused on climate change and other environmental issues, including research, experiential learning opportunities in the classroom and in the field, internships, community engagement, professional development, and career networking.

The Linde Packman Lab for Biosciences Innovation

The Linde Packman Lab prepares Colby students to become the next generation of science leaders and innovators. The lab connects students with opportunities, programs, and funding to ensure transformative science experiences, on campus and around the world.

Oak Institute for Human Rights

The Oak Institute works with students to generate fieldwork opportunities that build the tools needed to advance human rights advocacy around the world. Each year, it hosts an Oak Human Rights Fellow to teach and conduct research while residing at the College.

Pugh Center for Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Pugh Center fosters an inclusive campus community by promoting advocacy, leadership development, and social justice education.

Center for the Arts and Humanities

The Center for the Arts and Humanities fuels an annual campus-wide discussion of an interdisciplinary humanities topic, runs experiential learning labs, and hosts an annual colloquium series.

Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs

The Goldfarb Center inspires active citizenship and brings students, faculty, and staff together to explore creative, interdisciplinary approaches to complex challenges.