Research, Internships, and Global Experiences

The Linde Packman Lab for Biosciences Innovation

This Colby Lab establishes a pipeline for ambitious and talented students from all backgrounds to pursue College-funded research, internship, and global opportunities to prepare for careers in biotechnology, biomedicine, ocean sciences, genomics, and bioinformatics.

Maine as a Lab

Partnerships with world-class institutions such as the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, The Jackson Laboratory, and Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory allow students to gain experience pursuing oceanic, genomic, or biomedical research across the state of Maine.

Buck Lab for Climate and Environment

This Colby Lab connects students from disciplines across the curriculum to organizations focused on environmental sustainability and climate change. Students conduct research on Maine’s coast, lakes, and forests, working closely with faculty to understand changes to complex systems and their far-flung effects.

Build your network. Find your calling.
Get your running start.

Through a robust advising program beginning in your first year at Colby, DavisConnects helps you identify and prepare for a career that aligns with your talents and builds on your interests. 

One month. Infinite possibilities.
Jan Plan

At Colby you’ll spend January doing just one thing of your choosing. Do research in Belize. Shadow an oncologist at a local hospital. Take an internship in Miami. Become an EMT. Make a movie. Follow your fascination. Try something entirely new. Whatever it is, spend January in motion.

A resident of Maine. A citizen of the world.

Our innovative DavisConnects program provides networks and resources to connect you with funded experiences — whether that’s research, fieldwork, internships, creative explorations, or independent projects — around the world.

Colby students hail from 45+ states and 70+ countries.
72% of Colby students study abroad.
We offer nearly 200 programs across 60 countries.
DavisConnects has provided more than $6M for student internships, research opportunities, and global experiences.

Global Entry Semester

It’s a novel idea: start your college adventure across the Atlantic as part of our innovative experiences for first-year students in Salamanca, Spain, or Dijon, France. Take challenging courses. Learn Spanish or French through total immersion. Live with a local family. Travel extensively. See the sights. Savor the culture. Soak in the opportunity to pack years of personal and intellectual growth into a single semester.

Salamanca, Spain

Colby in Salamanca seeks to provide students with an understanding of the differences between the American and Spanish ways of life, and to enable students to better understand the complexities of Spanish culture.

Dijon, France

Colby in Dijon offers incoming first-year Colby students an in-depth, language-intensive experience of cross-cultural study in the heart of France.