We can’t wait to read your application. It’s the most rewarding thing we do all year. Our review process is holistic, meaning there’s no set formula that guides our decisions. We consider each applicant within their overall context — within the broader picture of their personal and educational background. We seek students who are intellectually adventurous and who have the potential to make meaningful contributions to our diverse, collaborative community. Colby students represent a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and they contribute to their communities in countless, distinct ways.

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There is no fee to apply to Colby.
We accept the Common Application, Coalition Application, and QuestBridge Application.
We do not require any additional writing supplements.
Test scores are optional.

The Colby Commitment:
Ensuring the most talented students from every background have access to the best possible education.

We’ve removed financial barriers. We’ve simplified the application process. We’ve enhanced the opportunities and support that lead to success in college and careers. And we have given every admitted student the chance to graduate without loans to repay.

Percent of demonstrated need that our aid packages meet
The average financial aid package for incoming students
Percent of families making $200K or less who qualify for aid
Guaranteed parent/guardian contribution for families who make up to $75,000 or less (with assets typical of this income range)

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